Outfits Lady Gaga should wear

Miss at la Playa recorre los últimos desfiles con un objetivo muy especial: ver qué diseños podría llevar la mismísmia Lady Gaga. ¿Acertará con sus quinielas?

blog lady gaga I don't consider myself a fan of Lady Gaga. Her music is not my cup of tea. However, I love her style.

It's like she had tattooed this expression to her mind: "Dress to impress". She's so extreme, but she's just a marketing product of herself.

The sunglasses made of cigarettes (from the Telephone video), and the bra on fire were the icing on the cake.

I've made a compilation of various outfits I'd love to see Gaga wearing. I've not followed all her appearances on shows or concerts, so I don't know if she has already worn one of these outfits. I think Beyoncé wore the Gareth Pugh.

Por Miss at la Playa

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